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Well, we certainly chose a memorable time to launch our new PE Maps website … our 30th anniversary year won’t be one that we will forget in a hurry!

Petroleum Economist Cartographic, along with the rest of the staff of Petroleum Economist (PE) went into lockdown from our central London offices towards the middle of March, and working from home full-time began. The heart of East Anglia is the new London EC4.

We have become a lot more active on social media, particularly on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn keeping our ever growing base of followers up-to-date with all the maps that we have produced to accompany many of the great articles in the PE magazine and PE website, as well as everything else that piques our interest in the energy sphere. We have been dipping into the archives to look back at some of the maps from the early days, comparing sponsors old and new, oil companies, banks and consultancies. Many of the names have sadly disappeared over time.

We have used some of our time collecting data and diligently updating our map portfolio, for release later in the year. We look forward to showing of our new print and digital editions of the WORLD LNG MAP and the WORLD GAS MAP, at Gastech in Singapore, and at WPC in Houston respectively, and sharing our mapping experiences.

During the month we also teamed up with our sister data service Energy Web Atlas (EWA) to present a webcast, Energy Infrastructure Update: Short-term changes for long-term gain. We looked at all the projects that may have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, including pipelines, refineries and LNG plants. The CORONAVIRUS IMPACT MAP was the successful end-product and is available to view online for free. Visit EWA for details

Kevin Fuller

Manager, Cartographic Services

Petroleum Economist