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Petroleum Economist Cartographic published its first map outside of the magazine in 1990. The MIDDLE EAST OIL & GAS EXPORT ROUTES map was created to give PE subscribers a better picture of the energy scene prior to the outbreak of the first Gulf War. Shortly after came the first sponsored, large-format sheet maps in 1991, looking at the wider energy market, including the first edition of the very popular ENERGY MAP OF THE WORLD. In 1999, we published our first global compilation of maps: the MILLENNIUM ENERGY ATLAS. Over the next 14 years, we produced 6 further editions.

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​In 2002 we introduced 5 of our new maps to the delegates of WPC in Rio de Janeiro, including the WORLD OIL MAP, and have subsequently distributed a range of map titles at ADIPEC, GASTECH, LNG and WGC, at venues across the world. ​In 2019 we launched the digital version of the WORLD LNG MAP on the EXXONMOBIL stand at GASTECH in Houston. Since our launch in 1990 these maps have increased in detail, increased in quality and style, incorporating satellite imagery in 2005 and live data in 2019. We currently have a portfolio of approximately 50 energy map titles, covering all continents of the world, at country, regional and global scales, each of which took on average 3 months ito create, design and produce. These maps are adorned with the brands and logos of many of the industry's leading stakeholders. We hope you enjoy the content within the website at the moment. We will be regularly updating the site, with new maps, new opportunities to partner with Petroleum Economist, and much more. If you have any comments about the new site, please feel free to email the team at cartographic@petroleum-economist.com

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